Castellano Custom Homes can help you realize what’s at the heart of your kitchen remodelling dreams. We have helped many clients transform their existing kitchens into personalized cooking and entertaining spaces that cater to their habits, needs, styles, and budget. Castellano Custom Homes makes kitchens match the individual needs of each customer – from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall, from family to family. We build kitchens that are Traditional to Contemporary, Quaint to Expansive.

Castellano Custom Homes can handle all sizes and styles of kitchen remodelling projects. Our master designer take into account your daily kitchen activities, organizational needs, and family size to help create a design that is attractive, purposeful, and entirely unique to your home.

We’ve been building kitchens in Calgary and surrounding areas since 2005, so we bring a great deal of experience with us into every kitchen we build. Let us use that experience to help you make informed decisions that maximize your investment of time and money. When you build with Castellano, you get a quality, stress-free kitchen renovation that will give you and your family a place to gather, to entertain, and to build a lifetime of memorable occasions.




Castellano Custom Homes is licensed, bonded, and insured. We are proud to be a member of the CHBA and offer the Progressive New Home Warranty. When starting a custom home or renovation in Calgary, start your project with trust and start your project with Castellano Custom Homes.


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